Your summer road trip should leave you feeling rested and rejuvenated, and without back pain. Dr. Zaffarkhan believes you can travel, enjoy your journey and return home without unnecessary discomfort. As a Chicago chiropractor who is here to help you get life in balance, Dr. Zaffarkhan and the Body Works Health and Wellness team offer you these tips to alleviate back pain on your end of the summer road trips:

  •  Adjust your seat for the best driving position so that you are not tipped back or straining to keep your chin parallel with the earth.
  • Monitor your thigh support so that most of your leg is on the seat to reduce the strain on your hamstrings which can lead to back pain.
  • Sit close enough to the pedals and steering wheel so that you have a slight bend in your elbows and do not have to reach, which can irritate your upper back.
  • Set the seat’s lumbar support to gently press into your lower back. If the support is not adequate, speak with Dr. Zaffarkhan about support pillows that you can take with you.
  • Choose an automatic car as opposed to a manual if you are renting. A manual car places strain on the lower back when you depress the clutch.
  • Take frequent breaks in which you get out of the car to walk around. This improves circulation to your spine and helps alleviate discomfort. Avoid the temptation to stretch immediately exiting the car as your muscles are not warm and may resist by contracting.
  • Separate your long trips into different days so that you can rest outside of the car. Allow enough time for these rest periods so that you are not stressed trying to reach your destination.
  • Remain relaxed while driving with your shoulders pulled down away from your ears, your spine straight and remember to breathe naturally.
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