Whiplash refers to a neck injury caused by rapid forward and backward movement. It is often caused by a car accident or other sudden trauma. In addition to acute neck pain, persons can also suffer from restricted neck movement and ongoing discomfort.

Chiropractic Care and Treatments for Whiplash

Right after whiplash occurs, chiropractic care and treatments are used to address acute neck pain and inflammation. Modalities used may include instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy, therapeutic massage, gentle manual joint stretching and resistance techniques.

As pain decreases and the neck becomes less inflamed, spinal manipulation may be used to help facilitate more efficient healing and restoration of full movement and range of motion.

The following describes some of the whiplash treatments in more detail:

Instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy – The Graston technique involves repeated strokes with an instrument to treat injured soft tissues.

Instrument-assisted manipulation – A specialized hand-held instrument is used to gently apply therapeutic pressure to the affected area.

Flexion-distraction technique – Hands-on manipulation of the spine to help treat herniated discs.

Specific spinal manipulation – Subluxations and joint issues are treated using a gentle thrusting technique to stretch the soft tissue and stimulate the nervous system to promote healing.

Directed manual techniques – Includes joint stretching, resistance techniques and muscle energy therapy.

Therapeutic massage and trigger point therapy may also be used to reduce muscle tension. Other therapies include ultrasound and interferential electrical stimulation to increase blood circulation while decreasing stiffness, muscle spasms and pain.

A holistic approach to accident recovery and whiplash is employed by West Loop Chicago auto accident chiropractor Body Works Health and Wellness. Using the above techniques, both mechanical and neurological components of whiplash are addressed.

Dr. Yousef Zaffarkhan of Body Works Health and Wellness has experience in a range of chiropractic modalities. If you’re dealing with the after-effects of an auto accident injury or trauma, help is available.

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