Your seat belt keeps you safe in an auto accident, but it can also cause musculoskeletal injuries. If you are feeling pain one to three days after the accident, get checked out for seat belt injuries by a Chicago car accident chiropractor.

Types of Seat Belt Injuries Seen by Your Chicago Chiropractor

There is no question that it is better to wear a seat belt than go without one. Yet in the force of the accident, the seat belt can cause auto accident injuries. Common injuries our Chicago chiropractor sees after an auto accident include:

Whiplash – Whiplash or neck strain typically onsets 24 hours after an auto accident. Symptoms include neck pain, muscle weakness, headaches, dizziness, extreme tiredness, and more. Whiplash occurs when the neck is forced back and forth under pressure, as in the impact of the crash and resulting restraint from the seat belt. It is important to treat whiplash, as symptoms will worsen until you do.

Collar bone injury – Your seat belt cuts across your collarbone. In a crash, you could fracture or break your collarbone, which connects your shoulder to your chest. The bone could also become misaligned, causing pain. We can examine the extent of your collar bone injury and provide treatment to curb your pain.

Back pain – Back pain is common since the lower portion of your back typically remains stable while the upper portion is thrust into the seat belt. We can treat spinal misalignments, musculoskeletal pain, and soft tissue pain resulting from auto accident injuries.

See a Chicago Car Accident Chiropractor for Seat Belt Injury Treatment

Start treatment right after the accident to heal faster and reduce complications. We can heal pain and injuries from an auto accident using chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, massage therapy, and physiotherapy. Our healing methods are natural and do not use medication.

Were you recently in an accident? Come see our Chicago chiropractor for a free new patient consultation about auto accident injury symptoms. Contact us today at (312) 733-8676 or complete the online appointment request form to begin healing from an auto accident injury.

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