You’ve probably seen them in your neighborhood: adults and children walking around, bent over and looking at their smart phone screens. They’re all playing the explosively popular new game, Pokémon Go. While this game has succeeded in getting millions of kids outside in the fresh air and tempted adults to join games with virtual strangers, there are downsides to the way many people are playing this game. Our Chicago chiropractor, Dr. Yousef Zaffarkhan, has noticed an increase in patients with back and neck pain because of the way they hold their bodies while they walk around searching for Pokémon.

Bad Posture Potentially Caused by Pokémon Go in Chicago

There’s a type of bad posture called Forward Head Posture. When patients sit or stand like this, they allow their head to tilt forward instead of keeping it upright as it naturally should. This causes every other part of the spine to move out of alignment to compensate for the added weight being pulled forward. Forward Head Posture can cause up to 30 pounds of leverage on the spine, and can reduce the amount of oxygen to the lungs by up to one-third.

The temporary cure for Forward Head Posture is to give the patient a series of spinal adjustments until the spine is adjusted again. That doesn’t solve the problem, though. If you’re continually walking with your head bent over, you’ll be undoing any good our doctor does to your spine, and reversing the positive effects of any chiropractic care we give. The only way to correct the problem and keep it from coming back is to adjust the way your stand and walk while playing your game. Hold your smart phone in front of your face while you keep your head up straight, then move the phone away from your face and walk forward to catch that Pokémon.

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