1. What conditions do chiropractors treat?

Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) care for patients of all ages, with a variety of health conditions. DCs are especially well known for their expertise in caring for patients with back pain, neck pain and headaches…particularly with their highly skilled manipulations or chiropractic adjustments. They also care for patients with a wide range of injuries and disorders of the musculoskeletal system, involving the muscles, ligaments and joints. These painful conditions often involve or impact the nervous system, which can cause referred pain and dysfunction distant to the region of injury. The benefits of chiropractic care extend to general health issues, as well, since our body structure affects our overall function. DCs also counsel patients on diet, nutrition, exercise, healthy habits, and occupational and lifestyle modification.

2. How is a chiropractic adjustment performed?

A Chiropractic adjustment is a manual procedure that utilizes the highly refined skills developed during the doctor of chiropractic’s intensive years of chiropractic education. The chiropractic physician typically uses his or her hands–or an instrument–to adjust the joints of the body, particularly the spine, in order to restore or enhance joint function. This often helps resolve joint inflammation and reduces the patient’s pain. Chiropractic adjustment are highly controlled procedures that rarely causes discomfort. The chiropractor adapts the procedure to meet the specific needs of each patient. Patients often note positive changes in their symptoms immediately following treatment.

3. What Types of Insurances does Body Works accept?

Our office participates in most insurance programs. Since there are so many unique plans out there, give us a call at 312.733.8676 to find out if your plan covers care in our office. For patients who have little or no chiropractic insurance coverage, flexible payment programs can be arranged. At Body Works we believe in the value of wellness care and our staff will verify and explain your benefits at no charge!!!

Source: American Chiropractic Association