After a sports injury or car accident involving head trauma, concussions are common. For a West Loop Chicago concussion injury, come to Body Works Health & Wellness for holistic treatment and return to wellness.

What are Concussion Head Injury Symptoms?

A head injury like concussion can happen anytime you are hit in the head or shaken violently. Signs that you may have a concussion include nausea, dizziness, confused mental state, fatigue and excessive tiredness, headache, poor memory, and ringing in your ears.

A similar injury, whiplash, develops after neck injury or trauma. Whiplash is especially common in auto accidents and sports injuries, and it can share some symptoms with a concussion. Neck pain usually accompanies a neck injury like whiplash.

If you begin to feel these symptoms after an accident or injury, it’s essential to get yourself checked out quickly. Our chiropractor can check you for signs of whiplash, neck pain, and concussion and provide the appropriate treatment.

How Can a Chicago Chiropractor Treat Concussion From Car Accident or Sports Injury?

When you come to us complaining of concussion symptoms, our Chicago chiropractor will examine the muscles and bones in your head, neck, and back. We look for places where your spine has fallen out of natural alignment and where muscles and nerves may be pinched and tense. We address these problems using chiropractic care and gentle massage.

By realigning your spine, we allow your nervous and immune systems to get to work repairing bodily injuries. This soothes pain and relieves symptoms of concussion quickly. When we massage tight muscles, we promote fast muscle recovery and healing of soft tissue injuries associated with auto accidents and sports injury.

As you can see, our natural treatments encourage healing at the cellular level, without using medication to hide your pain temporarily. If you want your body to recover after trauma, and get over concussion faster, you need to see our Chicago chiropractor.

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