At Body Works Health and Wellness, our Chicago chiropractor offers comprehensive treatment of sports injuries that can help you recover quickly after a fall, strain, or other injury. Learn why chiropractor is a natural choice when it comes to healing sports injuries.

How a Sports Injury Chicago Chiropractor Heals Sports-Related Pain 

Every appointment begins with a thorough review of your health, your injury, and your musculoskeletal system. Our goal is to get to know you fully, so that we can treat the full person – not just the area of injury.

Dr. Zaffarkhan, our Chicago chiropractor, uses a combination of Sensory, Orthopedic and Neurological exams combined with x-rays. When we have all this information about you, we can develop a truly custom treatment plan to heal your injuries.

As we realign the spine, injured tissue will experience reduced pain and inflammation and muscles will fall into their proper place. You will feel better than you did before treatment and may begin to have more energy and range of motion as we work on affected areas.

To further complement your healing, we may introduce massage therapy, myofascial release, physical therapy, and corrective exercises. When you are fully recovered, we can offer nutrition, ergonomic, or lifestyle advice to keep you healthy.

Why See a Sports Injury Chiropractor in Chicago

A sports injury puts your muscles, joints, ligaments, and bones under a great deal of pressure. If you suffered a fall or other high impact injury, it could have caused your spine to fall out of alignment. Instead of giving you pain medication to ease your discomfort; our chiropractor treats your injury at the root. This leads to a fuller recovery, reducing your risk of recurrence. Compared to conventional treatment, which relies too heavily on medication instead of activating the body’s natural healing process, we think it’s obvious that chiropractic is the better choice!

Do you have a sports injury? The sooner after the injury you are able to begin chiropractic treatments, the faster you will heal. Call (312) 733-8676 now or complete the online appointment request form to begin your journey toward healing.

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