Here at the Body Works Health and Wellness center chiropractor, Dr. Zaffarkhan is trained extensively in physiotherapy. The use of physiotherapy is a beneficial form of chiropractic care. By utilizing physiotherapy along with regular spinal adjustments you can greatly improve your overall health and wellbeing. Find out more about how we use this treatment method in your chiropractic care.

What to Expect at our Chicago Chiropractor 

Body Works Health and Wellness serves as a leading physiotherapy provider and Chicago chiropractor. We are able to use this approach to treat injuries, pain, illnesses, and disabilities. Techniques we use following the physiotherapy method include:

  • Manual therapy
  • Corrective exercises
  • Health education
  • Nutrition advice

Our physiotherapist works with patients of all ages. In addition helping those who are in physiotherapy after surgery, we also work with individuals who want to get the

Holistic Approach to Chiropractic Adjustment 

We believe in the holistic approach to chiropractic adjustment as the most efficient method. By combining multiple approaches to chiropractic care including physiotherapy, spinal adjustment, and nutrition we can treat patients for pain and healing more effectively. Learn more about how we can use physiotherapy and chiropractic adjustments to help you relieve pain and get back to moving, as usual, faster. Whether you are suffering from a debilitating disease, have recently been involved in an accident, or are post-surgery, we can help you via physiotherapy treatments. We also work with patients dealing with:

  • Lifelong illnesses, such as muscular sclerosis
  • Short-term conditions including pregnancy sports injuries, or auto accident injuries
  • Aging-related conditions, which is applicable for all ages ranging from infants to teens to the elderly
  • Chronic disease, such as arthritis or diabetes

In reality, any issue, condition, or pain that you have can be treated effectively using physiotherapy. However, to get the greatest benefits you need to visit with a Chicago chiropractor who is certified and trained in physiotherapy, such as Dr. Zaffarkhan.

Visit our Wellness Center Chiropractor in Chicago Today!

We want to be your go-to source for a wellness center chiropractor at Body Works Health and Wellness. By providing you with physiotherapy we can help you improve your quality of life. Using our multi-directional approach we are able to treat your condition at every step of the way. Contact our office today at Body Works Health and Wellness at (312) 733-8676 in Chicago to schedule an appointment to see your physiotherapist.