Massage Therapy Techniques Offered at Body Works Health & Wellness

Massage encompasses a much wider range of forms, techniques and applications than most people realize. While it is known for its ability to soothe and relax, it can also play a vital role in improving and maintaining physical health. That’s why our team at Body Works Health & Wellness in Chicago provides massage therapy alongside chiropractic care as part of our holistic “whole body” approach to natural healing and preventative wellness. The different techniques we offer include:

  • Swedish Massage – This well-known massage technique uses light, gentle strokes to boost blood flow and loosen muscles close to the skin. It’s often prescribed to aid in tissue repair and injury healing; it can also relieve tension-related discomfort such as headaches and backaches. From a wellness perspective, Swedish massage can improve immune response and overall health by encouraging blood circulation and lymphatic system drainage.
  • Deep Tissue Massage – The firm strokes of deep tissue massage may not offer as pleasant an experience as Swedish massage, but it’s invaluable for getting at deep-seated muscular and myofascial problems, including the painful muscle knots associated with chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia. We often recommend this technique as an effective tool for drug-free chronic pain management.
  • Sports Massage – No matter how serious you are about your chosen sport, sports massage can help you play better, feel better and avoid recurring soft tissue injuries. We focus on the muscle groups most heavily involved in your particular sport, working out tightness before your event and accelerating the healing process for sports injuries.
  • Prenatal Massage Therapy – Prenatal massage therapy is a gentle, safe protocol for ensuring a more comfortable pregnancy. Specialized support cushions and a personalized approach enable us to relieve symptoms such as chronic headaches, lower back pain and swelling in the hands and feet. Greater comfort also means improved sleep, which is good for both you and your baby.
  • Thai Massage – If your entire body has fallen out of balance, Thai massage is one of the most effective ways to get it working as a unit again. Certain therapists at our clinic can provide this technique, which involves whole-body stretching and manipulation of muscles and joints.
  • Hot Stone Massage – Hot stone massage is a seasonal technique offered to counteract the tension-producing, circulation-slowing effects of cold weather. By placing hot stones on specific trigger points, we can increase the flow of energy, oxygen and nutrients through your body.

Body Works Health & Wellness Offers Massage Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Acupuncture and More!

Now that you’ve been introduced to the sheer variety and flexibility of our massage therapy techniques, you can see how massage therapy goes hand in hand in with chiropractic care and other natural healing modalities offered here at Body Works Health & Wellness in Chicago. We encourage you to experience the difference a massage can make in your own life and health contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation and evaluation.