When you hear of different techniques on how to reduce pain and restore movement to your body, cupping therapy may be the solution.  Our Wellness center chiropractor and massage therapist understand cupping therapy benefits and encourage you to try this technique. Chinese cupping massage is not new. It has been used for thousands of years to help people eliminate pain and reduce inflammation. It also is a form of relaxation. We are here to help and answer any questions you may have.

Body Works Health & Wellness Offers Massage Cupping in Chicago

Our Chicago chiropractor and massage therapist believe one-way cupping improves your health by removing toxins from the body to stimulate healing. We invite you to experience our massage cupping therapy as an additional, natural way to improve your health and lessen your discomfort. To ensure your comfort, our health team has answered some popular questions about cupping.

Our Chicago Chiropractor Discusses Common Questions about Cupping Therapy

What is Cupping Therapy?

During cupping therapy, the massage therapist places cups onto your skin to create a vacuum. You can think of this like a reverse massage. The cups are placed in a way that creates suction. Your skin is sucked into the open space of the cup and the massage therapist leaves them on your skin for a few minutes.

How does it Work?

Our therapist places a flammable substance such as alcohol on your skin. For example, onto your back. Then, the substance is lit for a short time. As soon as the fire burns out, the cup is placed onto the skin to create a vacuum.

Is Cupping Painful?

Massage cupping therapy is not painful, but everyone experiences this technique differently. You can liken the amount of pain to a deep tissue massage which gets into the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Most of our clients enjoy the experience and the benefits without pain.

Why Does Cupping Therapy Cause Bruising?

The suction created during the Chinese cupping massage pulls on your skin. It also expands the blood vessels under the skin which causes the reddening. Occasionally, capillaries can break during this process which causing the bruising. Plus, the rush of blood flow to the area due to the suction effect increases the bruising process.

What Conditions Benefit from Cupping?

Cupping decreases chronic pain from muscle strains or conditions such as fibromyalgia. It also improves asthma and can lessen the duration of colds and the flu. It can also improve blood conditions such as anemia and high blood pressure. Others use it to benefit skin conditions such as acne and eczema.

Visit our Chicago Chiropractor for Cupping Therapy Today!

Body Works Health and Wellness continues to bring you the latest in alternative health care techniques. Cupping has many health-boosting, pain-relieving and relaxing benefits and is performed at our convenient location. Cupping is not recommended during pregnancy, but we offer other pre-natal massages for our expectant mothers. If you have more questions about Chinese cupping massage or would like to schedule your appointment, please contact us today at (312) 733-8676.