Cupping therapy has gained a lot of traction lately as many Olympic athletes are displaying the circular bruising that is indicative of this type of therapy. If you are curious about cupping and what it can do, Body Works Health & Wellness can answer any questions or concerns you may have. Cupping therapy is a very ancient form of healing that goes back as far as ancient Egypt. Other cultures have used it through the ages, as well, including ancient Chinese and Middle Eastern nations and tribes throughout history. It is helpful for everything from pain and inflammation to increasing circulation, increasing relaxation, and improving overall wellbeing. It gives many of the same benefits as a deep tissue massage without the finger pressure.

Our Chicago Chiropractor Discusses What You Need to Know About Cupping  

Cupping is performed using a variety of materials among which the cups can be made. Some include traditional glass, bamboo, and ceramics. Cups may also now be made of silicone.

Two different types of cupping massage exist, and the type you use depends on your health issues and what your wellness center chiropractor believes is the best choice for you. The two methods of massage cupping therapy are dry and wet.

What to Expect from Cupping Therapy

Both types of cupping involve your therapist putting something flammable, like alcohol, paper, or herbs, in the cup, and then set it on fire. The fire is only allowed to burn briefly, then it is put out, and the cup is put upside down on your skin, usually on your back, but sometimes on other parts of your body.

When the space inside the cup cools, it creates a suction that pulls your skin up into the cup. The skin gets red during this process as the blood vessels just under it expand. The cup (or cups) are not left in place long, usually just a few minutes or so. The cups may be moved around on your skin to give you a kind of massage, which is something the new silicone cups are particularly good at doing.

This is the basic cupping method, and is also called dry cupping. Wet cupping is the same, except that after the cups are removed, your therapist makes a few tiny and very light cuts on your skin, then does the second cup over the area to draw up a small amount of blood. This method is said to remove impurities from your blood and leave it healthy and clean. With wet cupping, antibiotic ointment and bandages are used afterward to prevent infection and keep the area clean until it heals in a few days to a little over a week.

While much of the reported benefits of cupping are anecdotal, they do have a history going back thousands of years. People wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work. There is also some recent scientific evidence that cupping helps heal herpes zoster, acne, facial paralysis, and cervical spondylosis.

Though cupping goes back to ancient Egypt, it was perfected by the ancient Chinese and is sometimes referred to as Chinese cupping massage. It is traditionally used to treat just about everything under the sun, including arthritis, anemia, fertility issues, hemophilia, high blood pressure, headaches (particularly migraines), various neuroses (including depression), allergies, asthma, varicose veins, and more. It is also supposed to increase energy and vitality, and improve overall health and immunity.

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